Lesson Waiting List

Why aren't we accepting new students?

The mental and physical health of our horses is extremely important to us. Our horses do not get ridden more then six times a week and they never get ridden more then two times a day.  We even try to limit them to one ride a day. At this time, all our lesson horses are working at capacity. 

The mental health of our trainers is also extremely important to us. Currently our trainers are working at capacity. We limit the number of lessons they teach each week and the number of students they oversee so that they can continue to be fresh and enthusiastic for each lesson. 

When will spots be available for lessons?

Spots will become available if a current student leaves our program, if a current student buys a horse, or if we have enough interest in lessons that we can justify buying more horses and/or hiring another trainer. 

Waiting List Details

If you have interest in joining our program PLEASE contact us via email answering the questions below. If we have enough interest we are happy to add horses to our program and hire another trainer we join our team.  Please answer all of the questions, this will help us determine what horses we need to add to our program and what trainer will best suit your needs. 

1) Name of Rider

2) Age of Rider if under 18. If over 18, please write "Adult"

3) Current height of Rider

4) Current weight of Rider

5) A brief description of the Rider's experience with horses

6) Availability for Lessons (daytime, evenings, weekends, certain days of the week, etc)

Please send your completed questionnaire to robinsonequestrian11@gmail.com

But I own a horse and am looking for boarding

If you currently own a horse and are looking for boarding please contact us. We have several spots available in our program for group lessons for students who have a horse of their own. If we have a stall available we would be happy to have you join our team of riders.