Ninja Turtle

Quiet Lesson Pony Type

Ninja Turtle, also known as Ninja is a 14.1h coming 11 year old quarter pony gelding. They don't come any quieter then this one. Perfect trot and canter to learn on. Great over fences, never stops. Show experience up to 2'6" with his previous owner. He has mostly been doing w/t lessons and trotting crossrails in my program. He is only for sale because my pony riders are moving to horses and I now have too many ponies. 

Price Range: D

Lease Option: On-Site Care Lease

Ninja with beginner rider

Ninja Trotting with Beginner Rider after one week off from work. It was extremely windy this day and he took excellent care of his rider. 

Ninja Canter Left

Ninja Canter Right